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Practice Areas

Business and Commercial LawóMy firm provides a wide variety of services to our business clients from assisting in selecting the type of organizational entity under which to operate, preparation of agreements, sale and purchase of businesses, obtaining financing and including funding for business operations, employee relations, and dissolution. We also counsel numerous clients seeking to create a new business entity, including selecting the appropriate type of legal entity, as well as the formation, organization and qualification of the new business entity. We also provide ongoing advice and assistance to these clients.

Estate PlanningóMy firm handles Estate Planning matters which is the area dealing with the distribution of an individualís property at his or her death, taking into account wills, taxes, insurance, property, and trusts so as to gain maximum benefit of all laws and, at the same time, carrying out the personís wishes. Our services also include preparation of Durable Powers of Attorney and Advance Medical Directives ("living wills"). This planning in advance allows the client to achieve his or her ultimate goals in a more expedient and cost-effective manner.

Real EstateóMy firm represents both commercial clients and individuals in all proceedings and transactions that deal with real property ó land and the structures attached to it ó including purchase and sale, refinancing, construction, mortgages and foreclosures, leases, zoning, title examinations, quiet title actions, closings, and management. Our clients run the gamut from the first-time home buyer to the entrepreneur or sophisticated developer who buys properties for investment purposes.

Litigation and AppealsóOur firm represents and advises clients who are, or might become, involved in a lawsuit as a result of a dispute. Negotiations may result in prevention or a settlement. I have experience litigating commercial matters, personal injury and employment claims, contract disputes, and family law.

Probate & Estate AdministrationóOur firm specializes in Probate and Estate Administration. Probate is the legal process by which a personís debts are paid and assets are distributed upon her or his death. Lawyers refer to the entity that owns the deceasedís assets until those assets are distributed as an "estate." Estate Administration includes the probate process as well as non-probate transfers of the deceasedís assets. Individual state laws direct the probate court how to distribute the deceasedís estate. State laws and procedures vary greatly, so, it is important to consult a firm with expertise in this area of the law to ensure that the deceasedís assets are distributed correctly.

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